The Omaha Section of the ACS


Omaha Mini-ACS Regional Section Collaborative Event 

The Local Section Mini Symposium was kicked off on Friday April 21st, with a student poster session and a dinner talk by Dr. Jonathan Vennerstrom from UNMC. The dinner talk was entitled 'Discovery of antimalarial ozonides OZ277 and OZ439'.

The even was continued on Saturday morning with several talks on chemistry and sustainability, followed by a guided tour of the local Omaha Doorly Zoo.  

Several members from the 5 collaborating Local Sections joined for both the Friday and Saturday events.



Holiday Reception, December 15

A jolly good time was had by all at our traditional End-of-the-Year ACS reception. Plenty of delicious food, wine and conversation was available. 




Chemistry of Wine talk on September 21st

Dr. Ernie Simpson entertained the local section with an education on the chemistry of wine, this included a wine tasting that complemented the talk.